What is VPS & Managed VPS Hosting? Which Best? Top 5 VPS Hosts

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

What is VPS Managed VPS Hosting

When it comes down to web hosting, failing to match your business’ website needs with you’re the right host could mean the loss of the best clients and losses.

For the best returns on your investment, you must invest in the best web host. In your search for this web hosting service, you have to consider the downtime/ uptime, storage space, bandwidth, and security, among other factors.

Unfortunately, if you are getting started with your blog or website, you could be easily buried in a world of seemingly similar web hosting services.

And the only way for you to get out of this rut is for you to understand the elements of different web hosting services, beyond the cost of each plan.

VPS web hosting is one of the web hosting services you will come across, and it is one of the most recommended options.

What is VPS?

VPS is also referred to as Virtual Private Servers. This web host allows you to store your files and all the data from your website on a dedicated web space. The configuration of the web space is such that it all looks and feels like a single and dedicated hosting server.

VPS web hosting refers to a hosting server that features its copy operating system. The server is housed in a bigger server, but it’s allocated individual server resources.

The working of a VPS Hosting

As the name virtual private server suggests, the whole aspect of VPS web hosting is virtual rather than physical. It makes use of virtualization technology which allows the division of a powerful hosting service into multiple virtual servers.


Well, how about you think of the virtual hosting bit as having one unit of physical hardware functioning as a separate server?

So, even though you have a shared physical server, privacy is maintained within the service.

The virtual server with which your website or blog runs on is only reserved for you.

The private virtual server also means that you do not share your CPU power, the RAM storage space, or data.

The result of using VPS web hosting is:

  • Improved site security – your website is hosted in an environment isolated from everyone else’s so your neighbor’s hosting or website use will not affect you.
  • Performance is guaranteed thanks to the access to own dedicated resources from bandwidth and CPU to dedicated storage and scalable RAM.
  • You have complete access to server root as you would if you were using a dedicated web host.

The other advantages of this system include the fast server setup, the low/ shared cost of hosting, improved control, and a private VPS environment.

You might also like VPS web hosting because this service occupies the middle ground between the pricey and bulletproof dedicated hosting and the unreliable and inexpensive sharing hosting.

VPS Hosting – Managed Hosting

VPS hosting might take several forms but managed VPS Hosting is the most common method of VPS hosting. The primary reason for this is that you will not have to maintain or run the server yourself.

The server management bit of web hosting will fall on the managed virtual private server web hosting provider.

The service provider will give free upgrades, free technical support, enhancements, and anything else you need to keep your server running. The service provider also takes care of your hardware and software requirements.

Advantages of the Managed VPS Hosting

  • Isolation which prevents you from crashes and long downtimes
  • Enhanced customer management thanks to its web-based interface which allows you (and other end users) to restore, backup, manage, repair, recover, and even reinstall your VPS without any technical support.
  • Flexibility in resources control that comes from the managed VPS’s capacity to limit resources accessible to a server, while allowing configuration which allows VPS to burst and then use the available resources. You can also control and customize the system for the best performance.
  • Smooth migration of individual servers from one website to another without issues.
  • Extra control thanks to managed VPS’s access to a complete set of tools required for administrative control. You get control over the GUI, command line, and the web-based access. As a result, you get to administer your virtualized servers at any skill level. The best bit is that you get to manage different servers like Linux and Windows Servers from one interface.
  • Fast upgrades for software
  • Easy backup and restoration thanks to the scheduled and self-administered backup capabilities.

The Best Managed VPS Hosting

Being a step up from shared hosting, the best-managed VPN hosting promises more reliability, a higher uptime, and improved performance in general.

But above these advantages, the beauty of VPS lies in the larger resources base as well as the scalable RAM which ensures that your servers don’t crush should you record more traffic from an event or a sale.

The VPS system is designed to meet your needs as required.

Which brings us to the big question: which are the best managed VPS web hosting providers on the market?

1. HostGator

HostGator is a top-rated managed VPS web hosting provider, and despite not having a Windows-based hosting, their services come second to none. Their hosting services are suitable for blog or e-commerce sites thanks to reliable cloud services.

The hosting services are Linux-based and work well for persons or businesses in need of high traffic volumes, more power, and even persons in need of specific compliance requirements which are against shared hosting.

HostGator’s hosting plans are three-tiered to meet different needs.

The cheapest plan is the basic plan called the Snappy 2000 plan which offers 2GB RAM, 120GB disc space, and 1.5TB monthly data transfers from $79.95 monthly.

The middle tier is the Snappy 4000 which features 4GB RAM, 2TB monthly data transfers and 165GB storage for $119.95 monthly.

If, on the other hand, you need even more power, space, and bandwidth, you could opt for Snappy 8000 which offers 8GB RAM, 3TB Monthly data, and 240GB disk space for $149.95 monthly.

The three plans feature two internet-protocol addresses, DDoS protection from the troublemakers, a secure firewall and full root access to their 64-bit server.

According to HostGator, their data centers also provide the best of Gigabit uplinks which boast guaranteed 20Megabit connection, network redundancy, and access to multiple bandwidth providers.

All these services result in HostGator’s high uptime rate of 99.99 percent.

Besides being Linux-based only, they also lack SSD storage, and they do not offer free domains with their hosting. On the flipside, their pricing is favorable, the performance is reasonable, and access to customer support is incredible.

2. BlueHost

Like HostGator, BlueHost offers three plans for its customers: the Standard, enhanced, and the ultimate package.

These are priced at a considerably low monthly rate in comparison with HostGator – $19.99, $29.99, and $59.99.

Besides the pricing model, BlueHost is a VPS hosting service preferred by beginners because of the fast and super-responsive servers.

The managed hosting service gives all its clients, regardless of the plan one buys, access to SSL Certificate (for HTTPS) encryption, 24/7 access to customer support, and if dissatisfied, you get a 30-day guarantee.

Unfortunately, the storage space is much smaller than what HostGator offers.

3. TMDHosting Web Hosting

This is yet another feature-packed web hosting service which has all the tools you need to build a beautiful and highly functional WordPress website. Even though the company offers a few hours of phone support, the service is budget friendly.

TMDHosting Web Hosting comes with 5-hosting plans including its entry package for beginners that goes for $39.95 monthly with 40GB storage, 3TB data per month, 2GB RAM, unlimited email, and 2 CPU cores.

But, if you need more power, then you should consider their super-powerful package that costs $129 every month for 10TB monthly data, 64GB RAM, 200GB storage, six core CPUs, 12GB RAM, as well as unlimited access to email.

You might also get their Windows-based servers which are unavailable for dedicated web hosting.

4. GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all web hosting needs. It has one of the most extensive processes for domain registration, and you might also like its web design tools (DIY).

Their VPS managed hosting service is particularly impressive since it takes out the troubles associated with backups and the application of security patches.

The hosting not only frees up time, but it also promises a high uptime rate for persons with Linux or Windows operating systems.

The prices vary depending on the operating system you use, but the plans are in four categories: economy, value, deluxe, and ultimate.

The highest plan tops out at 8GB RAM, free SSL, and 240GB storage. Unfortunately, several other web hosts offer better deals.

5. HostWinds Web Hosting

HostWinds represents one of the best VPS web hosts with ten-tiered hosting plans which meet every budget.

These plans include the Budget VPS, Premium, Windows, SSD Windows, as well as SSD Linux hosting. The prices are favorable, and the hosting service provider provides the best of the most flexible and the most powerful web hosting.

The other managed VPS web hosting providers include InMotion Hosting, JustHost, Fat Cow, and StableHost, among others.

What is VPS Managed VPS Hosting
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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