How to Write Good Article: Secrets of Writers That You Should Know

How to Write Good Article Secrets of Writers That You Should Know

An analysis of the online scene in 2016 shows that there are at least 130 trillion web pages.

As a new blogger, it means working harder to break through the noise – creating great content.

The good news, however, is that despite the astounding number of blogs and web pages out there, you have a great opportunity to break through because most of the content online offers little value to the audience you are targeting.

And the best bit is that this article will teach you how to create exceptional content. Keep reading.

Research, Research, and the Research Some More:

Evaluate your niche.

What works for your niche’s thought leaders? Now that you have that figured out create a game plan on how to create winning content.

Your game plan starts with running keyword research.

For this, you can use Google Keyword Planner which helps you determine the low-competition and the high-competition keywords used by competitors in your niche.

With the right tools, filter the keywords by eliminating the irrelevant ones, as well as the keywords with a low-search volume or the ones that are highly competitive.

The keywords you are left with after this analysis are the ones you should start targeting.

Note that keyword research will take up most of your time and the only way of getting through this is by investing in the right tools.

Don’t forget to check the monthly volume, keyword difficulty, and the level of competition when researching.

Keyword research is an integral part of the content creation as it gives you a peek into the content created by your competitors.

You can analyze the content for length, detailing, and even the available resources.

While using competitor content as the base, study everything in the niche in detail. Asking for help from the experts is also important.

Identify your unique way of adding value to your audience:

Doing what everyone else is doing will put you smack in the middle of unknown and unsuccessful bloggers.

Research and brainstorm on ideas that will sell you.

You need to ask yourself this: which type of content will best meet the needs of your target demographic?

Also, keep in mind that the content you create will always evolve and what you write today may not work in the next 2 or 5 years.

Write content for your audience:

Once you figure out what your audience is looking for, write. The content you create should be original.

Originality ensures that Google’s Algorithm doesn’t mark you for banning.

Being original means creating content on something have written about but with your perspective.

Make sure your content is useful to your audience.

Writing for a specific audience also means establishing a tone, the right tone. For this, you have to establish a specific style book that represents your brand.

The tone you settle on will guide your choice of words.

And, if there’s one thing you should invest in its writing amazing content. With the needs of your audience in mind, curate high-quality and comprehensive content to give your readers more than they bargained for.

You need to create content that leaves your readers hanging on to every word.

Use relevant and relatable stories (polish your storytelling skills), statistics, and case studies for your credibility and to be one of the thought leaders you envy.

Pull People in with your Headlines:

While most people visiting your site only skim through articles, you need to pique their interest with the headline. Come up with interesting headlines but avoid clickbait.

Listicles work, but you need to ensure that you not only pull people in but also keep them on the page for more than 10 seconds.

If you have clicked linked on social media only to find misleading content that isn’t related to what you anticipated, you’ve come across clickbait.

Clickbait works, sometimes, but, it’s a huge risk that’s damaging to your brand.

Promote your blog posts

Now, creating excellent content is the most important thing you can do, but after publishing 2 or 5 blogs, you may need the motivation to keep going.

No one wants to hit the keyboard for months and publish content that no one likes or shares.

So, create an email list and promote your content there, use social media, syndication, involve influencers, send outreach emails, and make the blog posts shareable.

You will create great content constantly if you have fans waiting for your next pieces. So, to create, promote with more vigor.

As easy as these tips sound, practicing them will boost your online presence.

How to Write Good Article Secrets of Writers That You Should Know

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