Top 10 Most Useful Content Curation Tools For Every Bloggers

Most Useful Content Curation Tools For Every Bloggers

Content curation refers to adding value and your voice to a specific collection of content about a given topic from different sources. This content is then published and shared with your audience.

You could also think of content curation as a process through you find, organize, then annotate and share the highest quality and the most relevant content to your audience.

It is a great online marketing strategy which ensures that your content is always the best.

Still confused?

Think about your health blog and what you intend on writing about this month – say weight loss through healthy eating or reasons for and against smoothies or juices.

To curate content to be shared with your audience, you look up relevant content from experts, as well as resource sites, pick out the best parts of those articles, create your version of the information (in your voice), then you share it.

Instead of picking everything on the web, you choose to use a few sites with the most relevant information. You can also make the content more interesting.

As easy as it sounds, it is work and requires a great deal of hard work and time. This is where the tools below come in.

1. Pocket

This tool is a great place for you to start if you want to save and share all the content you come across, for later use.

Pocket keeps all those interesting articles you need or may need, images, and videos in one place.

You will always have a reference point for that content you were interested in. You no longer have to deal with countless emails you may never get to or bookmarks you forget about.

You might also like that Pocket groups al the articles you are interested in with tags and its built-in functionality makes it easy to find the articles.

There’s also the fact that the app integrates seamlessly with Evernote and at least 500 other apps.

And, Pocket will tweet out the most saved articles on its platform, so, follow them on Twitter, @PocketHits.

2. Twitter Lists

If you don’t organize who you follow on Twitter, your account is probably a tiny war zone.

But, that shouldn’t be the case, especially for content curation; that is where Twitter Lists comes in.

This is a tool you can use to organize and categorize the groups you follow on Twitter from the rest of your feed.

You might want to use it with your Pocket account to save articles to your account easily.

3. Quartz Daily Brief

You want to stay on top of the news, daily. This way, you have a wide context for your content and the entire business.

Since topical subjects are a great source of inspiration for your original posts, Quartz is invaluable.

Other than Quartz, you can try newsletters like Redef and Internet Brunch.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a minefield for highly shareable content that resonates with large audiences.

It might not be your typical tool for content curation, but by allowing you to type in any domain or keyword, it provides an ordered list of content with the highest number of shares.

You can also sort content into different categories like content types, view backlinks, set alerts, or specific authors.

5. Curata

The name says it all.  Curata is a content curation tool that falls in the enterprise category of content creation tools.

It meets the most sophisticated content curation needs thanks to INSPIRE discover, as well as its powerful engine that powers it, delivering highly customized and high-quality content to meet your business needs, as per your customized profile.

But, there’s a catch. It is expensive.

6. Feedly

Did you use Google Reader? Feedly is the next best thing. It works as an RSS Feed, and you can use it to curate content around specific topics, domains, or keywords.

Feedly organizes content into boards, and it also flags content for later reading.

Note that while the free version of Feedly supports as many as 100 feeds, a Pro or Team subscription at $5 and $18 monthly gives access to unlimited feeds, improved integration, and improved support.


At $67/ month. is a great content curation tools for anyone looking for comprehensive information.

For that subscription fee, you get content, a digest of news, and feeds that are algorithmically-generated.

Besides getting the most relevant content, you will also get complimentary topics which followers use.

If you opt for the free version, you will only get to monitor content on one topic that posted on only two social media channels.

8. Storify

If you are trying to make sense of the messy and overwhelming internet space, then Storify is for you.

It works by letting you search, browse, or even create stories for the main social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can use the content generated to tell or even follow a story.

9. PublishThis

It’s similar to Curata, in that PublishThis is an enterprise content creation tool that prides in its powerful engine.

It’s a top content creation tool that provides powerful content which can result in high revenue, 200 percent more clicks, 3X the social reach, and 5X savings in time.

It curates high-quality and engaging content just for you while allowing you to organize and share the content to your audience.

The pricing is not public, but you could request a demo video on their website.

10. Quora

Quora is your answer if you are looking for content that answers niche-specific questions on specific industry topics. It provides answers with a high level of accuracy as well as efficiency.

The other tools worth a shot include Sniply and TrapIt.

Keep in mind that content curation is personal, it builds value, and it saves time.

Most Useful Content Curation Tools For Every Bloggers

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