Top Free & Useful Camtasia Alternatives For Mac And Windows

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Camtasia Alternatives For Mac And Windows

With the explosive growth of video marketing video editing tools like Camtasia have been in the spotlight. The video does a great job by conveying the information quickly and easily.

Videos of various types are seen being shared across social media channels. This is where a powerful video editing tool like Camtasia can be of great help.

What is Camtasia?

There are plenty of software options for capturing what is being done on the screen. Screen recording apps help users create tutorials on various things like how to use a software and more.

There are then the other apps that are used to edit videos and retouch them so as to give them a professional look.

What if you could get a software that could combine both? This is what Camtasia is all about. It helps you edit professional quality videos as well as perform real-time screen recording.

With a whole new set of features, themes for the videos, and tweaks to the overall performance of the tool every new version that is being released has managed to impress the audience.

While it is so much you can do with Camtasia, there is one hurdle that stops most users from trying it and that is the pricing.

We cannot deny the fact that the money spent on purchasing the Camtasia license is totally worth the experience and the capabilities, for those times where you are struggling to save money there are similar free tools.

For small businesses who are just beginning their video marketing strategies, for new social media users, for the YouTubers who have just created their channels or even for the new bloggers these free tools are pretty useful.

You would be able to experience plenty of features similar to the ones you find on Camtasia without having to spend any money.

Once you are comfortable using video editing tools you can then purchase Camtasia. The tool also comes with a free trial.

Free Camtasia alternatives for Windows

1. Ezvid

This is one of the dependable choices for video editing recommended by many YouTube users. It is very responsive and easy to use. The interface makes this tool a great choice who are new to video editing. But the results look professional

You can make slideshows or even carry out screen recording much like what you do with Camtasia. For those who have active YouTube channels, direct uploading of videos on YouTube is very simple on this app.

The one major drawback is that this app is fully focused on videos for YouTube and exporting the videos is not possible.

2. CamStudio

Another video editor that is known to pack a lot of features for free is CamStudio. This has multiple useful features that YouTubers would love to explore like the option to record audio from several sources simultaneously.

In the end, you get videos that look and sound great while also maintaining a small file size. The developers of this app are known to be very quick in terms of fixing issues and addressing the bugs reported by the users.

So there is a level of dependability this app offers that most users love.

3. iSpring Free Cam

This is a free version where you are free to use all the features without having to spend any money. When you need several more features or if you need to edit and record videos for a business then you can also try the iSpring Cam Pro version which also comes with a 14 day trial period

You can do a lot of things with the Free Cam version like creating screencasts, record voice-overs, and screen tasks, edit the videos and also upload them directly to YouTube. The absence of time limits is one of the major advantages.

Free Camtasia alternatives for Mac

1. OBS Studio

This is one of the best feature-rich free video software options out there. It comes with the ability to record as well as live stream videos.

This is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux as well. Video mixing and editing options offered by this tools are very good though this is a free app.

There are plenty of fine tuning features which even the professional video editors would find useful. Collaboration is also very simple when you use this one.

2. Jing

Another great contribution from the developers of Camtasia, TechSmith, is Jing. This is a screencasting software that is absolutely free to use. It is available for Windows as well as Mac. In most workplaces, this is a software that is found to be reliable.

3. MonoSnap

This is not something you would call a feature-rich app but this one does offer a fun interface to work with. This software allows you to capture snapshots of the screen or even record videos and edit them with some basic tools.

Finally sharing the edited videos and images is also very easy. If you are looking for a fuss-free tool with a clean layout then this is a good one, to begin with.

How to pick a video editing tool?

There are plenty of video editing and screen recording tools out there in the market. It is a matter of personal preferences while identifying the best ones.

What works for one doesn’t always have to work for another user. This is because the video editing software might have the same features but the ease of using the features and the application of the features could all vary.

Choose a software based on the type of videos you would be editing. If you are looking for screencasting pick one based on whether you would need it for your home or for the workplace.

Picking tools that come with a paid version with additional features is always a good idea because you get to explore all the basic features in the initial stages where you are learning how to use a video editing or a screen recording software.

And then once you need a few more features you can switch to the premium version.

Camtasia Alternatives For Mac And Windows
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