DreamHost Black Friday Deals Feb 2024: Discount Offers Cyber Monday

Dreamhost black friday deals

The incredible specials that appear for Black Friday are one of the best opportunities for businesses to invest in web hosting services.

One exceptional company that offers these web hosting service deals and discounts for Black Friday is DreamHost.

DreamHost is seen as one of the best hosting service providers for many SMC platforms, including WordPress sites.

Moreover, DreamHost has also been voted as the best host for the second year consecutively by PCMAG. The hosting plans offered by DreamHost are incredibly affordable, reliable, and secure.

DreamHost Black Friday Deals Feb 2024

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DreamHost offers users unlimited email accounts, storage, and bandwidth. This is an excellent feature for users with multiple domains, as you don’t need to spend more money as this function provides you with the ability to host unlimited domains on one set amount of money.

You gain the ability to deploy your own cloud service in a matter of seconds for only $10 a month. After doing this, you’re also given a 30-day free trial period.

DreamHost offers features such as SSD hosting. The incorporation of SSD hosting allows you to make your website up to 200 percent faster while increasing its performance.

Moreover, the systems put in place by DreamHost allow you to create an unlimited amount of email accounts that feature the domain name.

Hosting Plans

DreamHost provides potential customers with three different hosting plans to choose from. Within these plans are various options available to the user. These are described below:

  • Shared

A shared hosting plan entails that you’re required to share a server with other users. This is recognized as the best hosting plan for beginners.

  • DreamPress

The DreamPress hosting package offered by DreamHost comes officially recommended by WordPress. The design of the hosting plan is optimized for WordPress and is managed with the incorporation of an exceptionally useful and powerful WordPress tool.

  • VPS

The VPS hosting plan provides users with the opportunity to use a section of the server that isn’t being used by other users’ sites. The particular type of package plan is primarily designed for business website owners to make use of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sub-packages provided in the Shared hosting plan?

Within the hosting plan are two sub-categories. These are starter and unlimited.

A starter plan allows you to host only one website. Included in this package is one free SSL certificate that you’re presented with, along with a free domain name.

An unlimited package provides you with a domain name for free, and you gain the ability to host an unlimited number of websites.

What are the sub-packages provided in the DreamPress hosting plan?

There are three sub-categories under the DreamPress plan. These are DreamPress, DreamPress Plus, and DreamPress Pro.

DreamPress grants you access to only one WordPress site and provides you with an SSL certificate for free.

DreamPress Plus is the best option for users who have a site that’s driving medium traffic.

DreamPress Pro is an incredible option if your website is driving significantly high amounts of traffic.

Overall, all of the DreamPress hosting plans are the most recommended choice for users using a WordPress site.

What are the sub-packages provided in the VPS hosting plan?

Within this VPS plan are four different sub-categories that makeup VPS hosting. Some of these sub-categories include:

The basic VPS plan is an ordinary plan which offers the user unlimited domains, 30 GB storage, and 1 GB RAM.

The business VPS plan is equipped with more robust features and is specifically designed to accommodate the needs commonly associated with business websites.

What is the DreamHost Black Friday Deal?

DreamHost provides potential users with the ability to purchase its hosting services at less than half the price of the typical cost of the hosting plan. This discounted rate is done to Black Friday.

Dreamhost black friday deals

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