Why Peoples Start Blog as a Career & You Can Too

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Why Peoples Start Blog as a Career and You Can Too

In the current digital world, technology and the internet have become an inseparable part of one’s life. When a person begins blogging many people will definitely ask the question why they wish to blog.

However, the advantage of building a website or blogging site has become quite hard to ignore.

Unlike in earlier days, one need not be an expert in computer science. There are various online sites which help a beginner to start a blogging site with ease and convenience. One should follow an easy and simple set up process which will take just a few minutes.

As said by Gary Dekmezian, famous professional blogger, entrepreneur, freelance writer, investor, and digital marketer, the most important reason for a person to blog is to share one’s passion and express yourself.

There are various blog sites which serve as an online platform for bloggers to voice their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Whatever one’s passion, whether it is cooking, travel, beauty, and health, finance, blogging gives you an opportunity to network and connect with the like-minded people who too share the same passion as yours.

There are various other reasons too for people to start blogging and listed below are the top few reasons.

Reasons to blog

Lifestyle blogging or as a journal

The younger generation starts blogging as a means to keep an online diary as many do not provide their original name to this journal.

The youngsters do start blogging by writing a journal wherein they put in their day to day activities, thoughts, etc and the best part is that this journal could be accessed from anywhere. Later on, this journal writing will make way for lifestyle blogging.

For professional exposure and networking

People begin blogging to connect with the others in a similar line of the profession from across the globe. You are never limited to the immediate surroundings to search and find the people who share the similar thought process like in earlier days.

Many claims networking is their biggest reason to begin blogging. It is through this place they could showcase their views and thoughts and connect with the like-minded people.

For popularity or fame

Nowadays blogging is considered as the quickest way to earn money, popularity, and fame. However, the truth is that it’s not so easy.

But people do start blogging with the search for fame and easy money. However, you need to work hard and put in your best efforts to be consistent and you could become a popular blogger.

For promoting business or profession

Blogs are being used now for passive or active promotion of business. For instance, in a website of energy drink, you could find blog post related to sports.

Also if you are a professional interior décor consultant, you could offer tips with regard to maintain a beautiful house on your website. This is how blogs are used to promote the profession or business.

For social cause

In earlier days if you need to collect donation for any social cause, you should walk around the neighborhood explaining people about the cause and the requirement for donation.

Now things have changed and through blogging site, one could easily make people aware of the social cause and interested people around the globe can contribute to it. One can easily reach to millions of people through blogging.

For building an online portfolio

If you know that you have a certain skill and don’t know how to make other people know about it, then blogging is the answer to your solution.

People use blogging to show their skills, knowledge, discoveries, and talents. Nowadays there are not many people who are not appreciated for their talent. Through the blog site, one can showcase sample work, CV, etc and it is an excellent source to have the online portfolio.

For promoting journalism

Now journalism is not just limited to newspaper or TV or under the control of professional journalist. Sports, technology, news and all the other things happening around the world are shared by ordinary people.

Some do just for the love of updating news and some do it voluntarily from their part as an act of a responsible citizen. Whatever the reason be, one can easily be a journalist and write about the issues, events happening around in the blog site.

As a means to earn money

Most of the blogger you come across will state earning money as the main reasons. However, there are exceptions. People do have a wrong belief that blogging is an easy way to earn quick money.

But today in this competitive world until and unless you put in your best of efforts and hard work, it is quite tough to excel in this field and generate revenue.

The pursuit of a hobby of writing and to satisfy the creative side

The job is the easiest way to earn bread and butter for the survival. It is a necessity. But not everyone would be happy to do the same monotonous task daily. Not all jobs will be letting them use their creative skills.

Blogging is the best place wherein one could open up about their creative side and get full satisfaction. Some people love to pen down their creative ideas and imaginations. Satisfaction one gets from twisting and turning the events through the words to create a new and fresh content is unimaginable.

But not all of them have the patience or capacity to complete the blog. Blogging helps in creating an outlet to satisfy the cravings to write. Great means to pursue the hobby of writing is to blog about poems, fictions, etc.

To establish the authority

There are few people who begin the blogging with the sole intention of imparting knowledge to new prospective learners. They might have acquired those skills by researching and learning.

The next step would be to be an authoritative figure with regard to the subject matter. These blogs mostly would be technical in nature.

Organizations that are looking for an expert on the subject will be given good offers on the basis of blog content alone.

Why Peoples Start Blog as a Career and You Can Too
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