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Justhost Review

Justhost Webhosting Company caters to many users at a small fee while offering guaranteed uptime, a free domain, a cPanel control panel and excellent support service.

The services offered are basic for people who want to host personal or eCommerce websites.

When compared to other web hosting companies, Just host does not really match up but it offers its users the most significant features that are needed to run a website.

Most people tend to keep off from very low priced stuff especially in stores, customers have this preconceived mentality that low priced things are either approaching their expiry date or are already stale.

If the low priced goods are clothes then they are assumed to be rejects. So, what stops them from having the same thoughts of a low priced Web Hosting company?

What is Justhost?


Justhost is a fairly priced web hosting company, but don’t let the low price trick your mind into thinking that the company’s services are less effective.

Signing up with Justhost is simple and you will have to pay in full during the first signup. The fees that will be deducted to set up a user’s account are non-refundable.

Also, any additional services that you will have paid for have no refunds. Therefore, you will be refunded money that caters for the basic services only.

Important to note is that the money that you pay for your account set up has not been taxed you will thus pay it separately.

The tax issues, however, are applicable to Justhosts European Union customers.

Justhost offers its users four premium plans, the Basic plan, the Plus plan, the Choice Plus plan, and the Pro.

Justhost Review By Me & Users

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User Reviews 4.46 (39 reviews)

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    Features That Justhost Offers

    Justhost web hosting offers its users so many amazing features in different categories, they have the Multimedia features and under this banner a user will be able to Stream Video support, Stream Audio Support, and Real Audio and Video Support services among others.

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    Streaming video support enables a web user to view a video file without downloading it.

    Another feature is the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) File support; the MIDI is a connectivity protocol that enables the transfer of digital instrument data.

    In simple terms, MIDI can be used by users to record and playback music on the digital synthesizers.

    • One Click Installer

    Another feature is the 1- Click App install; Justhost users have been very well accommodated under this feature, why?

    Users only need to click once on their websites and install, WordPress, the Site Builder, Joomla, the Tomato Cart, the osCommerce and Magento among others.


    All the above features are useful for the running of the website.

    For example, Magento provides online business people with a reliable shopping cart system and it allows them to customize its features to suit the functionality of their eCommerce sites.

    Free website scripts are also provided under the Justhost web hosting, for example, under this service Justhost provides mailing lists, to help a user market their site, products, and services that they offer.

    The Social Networking script lets users create their own social network in their sites and the Poll and survey software, on the other hand, can be customized for a user’s target audience.

    • Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Justhost website hosting also uses the best World Class Technology beginning with Uninterruptible Power supply, for the protection of electronics, they also run the Linux Operating system, which operates underneath other software by receiving requests from the programs and passing them on to the computer’s hardware.

    • Dual Quad Processor

    The Dual Quad Processor Performance servers enable faster performance because instructions are split between processors.

    In theory, it simply means that Justhost operates four processor cores that have been embedded on a single processor dye.

    Therefore, each of the four processor cores is able to execute and process instructions without depending on another.

    • Unlimited Disk Storage

    Justhost offers its users unlimited disk storage so they don’t have to worry about purchasing bandwidth; they also get an unlimited number of websites.

    Site building has also been simplified to include the free drag and drop site builder and users are also allowed to add any number of domains that they want and can enjoy secure eMail and IMAP eMail support.

    • Money Back Guarantee

    Justhost provides 30 days money back guarantee to all customers. If you cancel hosting within 30 days for any reason you will receive full money.


    Please note: You will not receive refund for some add-on. Also they will deduct amount of domain at the time of refund.

    • Reliability & Security

    Justhost provide great security services to all of it’s customers. You not need to worry about security errors with Justhost.


    • Easy Cpanel

    Another easy to use feature is the cPanel, whose prize is included in the initial purchasing cost.


    The cPanel is a very important feature for users because it provides access to the nameservers, webmail, add-on domains, and DNS.

    • Other Features

    Justhost provide too many other features that you can see below.



    Justhost officially not told any uptime guarantee on their website but many users said that their uptime is good enough to use their services.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 202099.99%605 msExcellent
    January 202099.98%685 msExcellent
    December 201999.99%584 msExcellent
    November 2019100%731 msExcellent
    October 201999.93%591 msGood
    September 201999.99%498 msExcellent
    August 201999.98%511 msExcellent
    July 2019100%565 msExcellent
    June 201999.99%822 msExcellent
    May 201999.98%712 msExcellent
    April 201999.86%596 msOk
    March 2019100%562 msExcellent

    Justhost Support Services

    Competing with other web hosting companies requires strategy, especially if they are offering much more advanced features that might render your hosting company irrelevant.


    Hosting companies also need to attract profits from their services and that would be impossible if they don’t offer competitive services.

    To this end, Justhost stands out with the support services that it offers the users of its services. The company has a Help Center where users can interact with their support crew.

    Their popular help content guides users on how to set basic features in their newly acquired web accounts and the knowledgebase gives a detailed step by step process of getting started with a new account.

    They also let you choose the best plan that suits your needs and this they have achieved by documenting their shared web hosting plans, their cost and comparisons.

    They also teach their new users what nameservers are and how to modify them among other services all under the Just Host Web Hosting Help Center.

    Beginners, therefore, don’t have to worry about getting stuck.

    Other competitive support services that the web hosting company offers that also enables it to remain relevant in the business is the Toll-free 24/7 phone support.

    If you are afraid of getting stuck while setting up your Justhost web account, well you need to relax because Justhost got you covered as their agents can offer you assistance over the phone.

    Justhost also runs real-time live chat support for their users and what is more interesting is that it is 24/7.

    Therefore, people who work late into the night or very early in the morning don’t have to procrastinate, just go to their help center and chat with the agents to solve your problem.

    Who are the users of Justhost?

    Blog or Website

    Running a blog or website from Justhost is a smart move as regards the hosting price under the paid plans. A slow-loading page will chase away users from your page, and what does this mean in the long run.

    No traffic, loss of revenue, and reduced visibility, however, Just host’s websites have an above-average performance in page loading.

    Running a blog with Justhost as your Web Host Company will attract people who after visiting your site will become clients. Page views will rise and conversions will be at their peak.

    You will not have to worry about the satisfaction of your customers and visitors.

    Features such as unlimited storage space, email accounts, unlimited websites and domains under Justhost Choice plan are perfect for running a personal web account.

    As a user, there will be no limit to the number of emails and Parked and Subdomains that your site can hold. Besides, the accommodation of many domains makes managing other sites easy.

    Just host also offers its users a service called Marketing Offers, which is a very reliable service that makes sure your personal site stays relevant.

    This special feature is accompanied by two marketing credits, the Google Ads and the Bing Ads.

    By logging into the Google Ads account you will be able to spend about $25 from the redeemable $100 credit provided for free to fund your Google Ads campaign.

    That’s not all, the Bing Ads also comes with a $100 redeemable credit, user’s will, therefore, log in to an active Bing Ads account and what’s more interesting is that the feature has no minimum spend limit.


    Operating an eCommerce site can be a daunting task especially if the necessary features have not been integrated.

    So, how best can we secure our accounts and gain our website clients confidence? First of all, you have to protect your web account from hackers.

    The information that your customers send to you and the one that you send to them can be intercepted and corrupted.

    Sending information over the internet is just like sending mail, it passes from computer to computer before it reaches its destination server.

    Therefore, it needs protection, the SSL certificate is important because it keeps the information encrypted, such that only the recipient can be able to access it.

    Therefore, operating an eCommerce account under Justhost will ensure that customer’s information is not accessed by a third party.

    Important information like credit card numbers, the social security number and any other forms of communication between an account owner and their client will be protected.

    A free SSL certificate will be provided to you when you sign up with Justhost.

    Another advantage of hosting with Justhost is that it offers Password Protected Directories, when managing your eCommerce site and customizing various functions to suit both you and your users, you might want to implement a few restrictions.

    The Password Protected directory by Justhost enables you to request for your user’s username and password when they try to access specific parts of your site.

    Although we wouldn’t want to restrict the whole site some parts should be prioritized such as personal information.

    The feature is available on your cPanel main page and when you click on it a list of directories will be presented. You will then have to select the directory or directories that you want to limit access to.

    A new page will open and you can input a username and password for your users.

    You will then click Add the Authorized User button, after which you will enable the password to protect this directory option.

    You will also be required to type in some information that will show up when a user wishes to access the protected part of your website.

    You will then enter a name for the protected directory and save.

    Customizing your website to serve users is every website account owner major task, to this end; Justhost provides its users with a powerful customizable shopping cart application.

    The “Cube Cart Shopping Cart,” managing an eCommerce website is simplified by this feature, as it allows you to let your users know of the new products available and the featured products among others.

    The template is easy to use and a user can change its design. The same cannot be said for most of the free shopping cart applications out here, as they are complicated to customize.

    A lot of time will thus be wasted in editing and figuring out the style sheet that is overriding your designs.

    That’s why Justhost went with Cube cart for its users, as it is very straight forward and convenient for your customers.

    As a new eCommerce site owner you need to stay on top of the game, your site has to be known and visible to attract traffic that will convert to revenue.

    Therefore, advertising and promotion will contribute to the success of your business, besides there is stiff competition in the eCommerce business, you; therefore, have to make sure your website stands out.

    Justhost provides its users with a search engine submission and addition of the Bing promotion and Google.

    Being an unlimited hosting provider, Justhost offers its users features that are convenient for eCommerce.

    For example, unlimited data transfer’s, unlimited disk space, unlimited websites, and unlimited email accounts.

    A user does not have to worry about purchasing storage space or managing large traffic.

    Users also don’t have to worry about the growth of their eCommerce sites because Justhost offers free migration, and there are also a number of upgrade options that a user can choose from.

    Users could move from the shared account to the VPS server or to the PRO server. What a user will need to do is to select the level of upgrade they want to upgrade to on the account tab.

    Click on the upgrade option and choose their desired plan and Justhosts support team will finish the remaining part for you.

    Important to note is that Justhost gives its eCommerce web account owners a variety of hosting features at a fair price of $2.75/m.

    With the little investment and the free domain you can test its services and if they don’t suit your preference just cancel and your money will be sent to you.

    Is Justhost easy to use?

    Justhost is a user-friendly hosting site especially with the website builder, for new beginners the web host provides a free website builder.

    The feature will help beginners to set up their own sites, installs are just single clicks enabling quick set up thus you can use the service immediately. The script library is also provided for users that have signed up.

    Justhost’s ease of use is also seen when users are allowed to download and install other popular applications, both the complicated such as the phpBB and the simple ones like the osCommerce.


    Why would anyone not want to invest with Justhost, when it offers a money-back guarantee if you find that the services are not up to your expected standards.

    Given Justhosts affordability when compared to the services offered, it is obvious that its users are lucky.

    Web hosting is very reliable with its customer service, besides many Webhost companies offer excellent services like A2, with its Turbo feature. Justhost on the other end also offers 24/7, chat, email, and phone support but does not have Turbo.

    Therefore, when creating your website you don’t have to panic when stuck, because there is the knowledge base, but if it is not convenient or conclusive then you could call their customer support.

    Their support crews are also well versed with the operations of the website and if one can’t handle your query they always find you someone reliable, who can solve your problem.

    A user can also set up their Google Applications and their Gmail accounts.

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    Justhosts Pricing and Plan Options

    All the plans come with different features, so the more money one is willing to spend the more advanced features you will get.

    For example, you cannot compare what you will get in the basic plan to what you will be offered in the Choice Plus plan.

    The Choice Plus plan, which is a little bit expensive goes for only $6.95/m and the least expensive is the Basic plan that will be availed to you at a price of $3.95/m.

    All these plans have a few free offers but for a good experience and professionalism, you might want to pay for the addition of the advanced features.

    The Pro plan is offered at $14.95, users will enjoy a Site back up plan among other advanced features.

    The backup service is not available in the other packages and users are advised to implement their own backup strategies. The loss of data cannot be blamed on Justhost and is, therefore, solely a user’s responsibility.

    The Pro package also offers a Dedicated IP, and an SSL certificate to enhance the security of your customer’s personal information and communication.

    You also get domain privacy; the service ensures that a user’s data is not accessible by the public.

    Therefore, under the Pro plan, all your contact information will be hidden from public access under the WHOIS listing.

    So far Justhost is known for offering its users the cheapest paid plans when it comes to hosting, the company runs four plans and the Pro is the highest-paid plan at $14.95, with this kind of plan a user will enjoy domain privacy, a dedicated IP, site back up and a free SSL certificate.


    The plan does not have limited disk space and a user is allowed to host as many domains, Sub-domains, and Email accounts as possible.

    The Basic plan is the cheapest from Justhost Webhosting Company and it comes at a price of $3.95/m, paid plan just as its name suggests has quite some basic features and is good for beginners or for personal accounts.

    The plan contains features such as unmetered bandwidth; however, Justhost users under the basic paid plan will be limited to only one domain and one website.

    The users will also get a free SSL certificate and this will enable one to run their accounts with ease knowing that security of their data is ensured.

    However, for email storage, they will only get 100Mb per account. There is also the Plus plan that goes for $6.95, and users under this plan will enjoy spam prevention, and up to 500Mb of email storage per account.

    Unlike the Basic plan users under the Plus plan will be able to host about 10 websites, I Domain, 20 Parked Domains, and 50 Sub Domains.

    Domain parking means that users can register an internet domain name but the domain will not be associated with any of the services that they will be running such as email.


    The Justhost Subdomain service is an alias of a user’s domain that is used to organize an existing website into a separate site.

    Therefore, if Justhost users have content that is different from what is in the rest of the site, they can simply set it separately. Well, how amazing is that for $6.95/m.

    The last paid plan offered by Justhost is Choice Plus and is charged at $6.95/m. Most of the features under this plan are unlimited such as the websites, email storage, and email accounts.

    Users under this affordable plan will get advanced features that are not available in the other paid plans.

    For example, they will have access to backup protection and unmetered website space and bandwidth.


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    Pros & Cons


    • Justhost paid plans are budget-friendly
    • Offers prompt support to the user’s
    • Uptime is great
    • Runs an intuitive website


    • Some paid plan packages do not offer backup
    • Extra features cost money

    Final Word

    • Company Details


    Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/just-host

    Justhost is a fairly priced web host that can be used by individuals operating different niches, users are treated to the most significant features needed for a website account to run.

    The support service is splendid for new beginners given the knowledge base, chat and phone support that runs 24/7.

    Users who want a web hosting site that offers great uptime, security and is pocket-friendly should try Justhost and if they are not satisfied the company has a 30day money-back guarantee policy for the basic services.

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    JustHost Expert Rating:
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    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
    User Reviews 4.46 (39 reviews)
    Justhost Review


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