How to Get Fast Approval on BuySellAds for Your Website

How to Get Fast Approval on BuySellAds for Your Website

BuySellAds (BSA) represents a marketplace for advertisers and publishers.

On the platform, the publishers will list all their available inventory, as well as the CPM for every ad zone. After listing, the publishers get placement requests from all the interested advertisers.

Once the creative is approved, the advertisement in question will start running immediately.

Now, you have to be patient with the system because time will be spent on creating great ads before the ads are up and running, but this is generally a great place for you to run your ads on. Unlike the search ad networks, BuySellAds will give you a great deal of control over your ad placements and the creative approval process.

In a nutshell, BuySellAds present an excellent monetizing solution for websites and blogs, as well as forums.

For you to get BuySellAds approved for your site, you should first list your site in the marketplace. Make sure your listing is in the correct category.

So, how do you get approval on this marketplace?

Getting started:

First, you have to create an account with BSA. Registration is free.

After you create your account, you are required to enter the details of your blog or website on BSA using the form provided.

After doing this, you should review the details before you submit the details.

This is because only blogs that meet specific criteria will be approved. You know that your blog is approved if it appears on the publisher’s directory. There, advertisers will contact you if your website or blog has good traffic.

Once in contact with the advertisers, they will give you the HTML code which you will insert into your website/ blog. The code allows the advertisers to display ads.

Note that the advertisers will purchase space on your blog from directly.

So, you will not be involved in the process of accepting payments from every advertiser.

Keep in mind that your minimum threshold, the minimum amount that you can withdraw from BSA is $50. So, if your account has less than $50, you cannot request payment. In most cases, the purchase of ads takes place in increments of 30 days.

Things to do to improve your approval Rate

  1. Website’s Age

For approval, your blog or website should be at least 3 months for approval, although a 4-month-old blog has a higher chance of getting approved. This is the case for new site approvals.

  1. Traffic/ Page Views

For the approval of your blog with BSA, your website or blog should have a minimum of 500,000 page views, monthly. So, if your average monthly page views are below 500,000, you shouldn’t bother applying or waiting for approval.

  1. Alexa Rank

The terms and conditions set by BuySellAds indicate that your website should, in the very least, have an Alexa Ranking of at most 100K.  This is because the advertisers will rank your website according to its Alexa Rank.

  1. Google PageRank

This tool is invaluable in the determination of sites that get approved and the ones that are not approved. While it is not a top selection criterion, some advertisers will use it to gauge the quality of your website.

  1. Unique Content

No advertiser will want their ad running on a website with poor quality content, copied or duplicated content. For BSA approval, always create unique and high-quality content.

And, speaking of content, you should know that BuySellAds will automatically decline an application from a website that deals in unauthorized content like the sale of weapons, content that could cause the spread of violence, pornography or cracking and hacking content.

While at it, ensure that your website or blog runs in English.

  1. Custom Domain

When starting a blog, the need for a custom domain might not be the thing on top of your mind, but if you want to be taken seriously, anywhere on the internet, yours must be a custom domain name.

A custom domain points to your seriousness. If you apply with a free domain name, you should be ready for rejection. .Org, .Com, or.Net are top-level domains you should consider.

  1. Professional Design

A website or blog with a professional and a clean cut layout will attract users and advertisers on BSA fast. Also, uses design as a criterion for approval or rejection of websites.

  1. Lastly, you should have a minimum of 50 published articles or blog posts.

How to make more money from your listing on BuySellAds

  • Use image ads

While BSA offers text, RSS feeds, tweet, and image ads, you might want to stick to the image ads. The integration of graphics into your site is easier, and they are more visible. Being more visible means more revenue generated.

Now, the text ads work too, but if you don’t have subscribers yet, you should avoid the RSS feeds ads.

  • Work on boosting your traffic

Since traffic is a factor that determines whether your website gets approved on the marketplace or not, you want to work on improving traffic to your website. That way, you will attract more advertisers and earn more in the process.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that you should keep your traffic real.

  • Choose the right location for the ad

When it comes to running ads through BSA, placement is everything. Also, the number of ads on your site matter. For the best results, you should have one and a maximum of 2 running at any time. Running too many ads will push you to Google’s bad side; you don’t want that on your neck.

You should also determine where you want your prime ad placed, especially if you are advertising your own brand products. This way, you get to relegate the other ads to other places.

Also, the design of the ad should integrate well with the design of your blog.

  • Reject the tertiary ads

This is an advanced skill, but when you get to it, you will love it because you see the ad the advertiser wants to run on your ad space, and you can reject their ad. Doing this will keep your website clean, and your readers/ Google happy.

While this means loss of revenue, rejection of the tertiary ads means running ads that make sense and even add value to your website. Falling for the tertiary will significantly lower your Google Rank and destroy your reputation.

  • Unreserved program

With this feature, you can, at the end of the month, see the ad slots that are unused, then find ads to fill the slots.

Note: even if your website gets rejected today, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road for you. You can always try later and after you meet the set requirements.

How to Get Fast Approval on BuySellAds for Your Website

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