Use The Powerful Facebook Blogging Tools To Increase Blog Traffic

What are blogging tools?

Blogging tools are the various forms of tools like software, checkers etc. that improve the quality of content in the blog and ensures that one comes up with the best and premium quality for content for the blog.

Since the content of the blog is meant for the entire blog community to study and understand, hence it needs to be of the best quality so that it can serve the basic purpose.

There are various different types of blogging tools that can be brought into use for fulfilling the purpose.

This article talks about those tools and even mentions about 4 Powerful Facebook Tools You Need For Blogging.

The facebook tools

The following are the Best Facebook Tools You Need For Blogging and can be used to improve the quality of the content in the blog: –

  • PostPlanner:

This is the marketing app operated and maintained by the team of Facebook.

It aids in the marketing heads to time up and schedules their facebook status update timings from their respective pages.

This app is initially free for the users and later it can be updated to unlock its further amazing features.

This acts as a very important tool when one’s page or blog reach is quite low and hence he or she desires to boost up the same.

This is even ad-free and hence is completely user-friendly for the blogger.

  • TubeBuddy:

It is the chrome extension of Youtube and is also maintained and operated by the developmental team of Facebook.

With this, one can easily share the Youtube videos from their blog channels over Facebook and improve their reach of the same.

It times up the sharing of the blog videos and ensures that no form of spamming is done during the process.

The best thing about this tool is that the blog video gets shared as a native Facebook video and hence it further improves the viewership of the content.

  • Stencil:

Stencil is another Facebook tool that is used for creating and maintaining a profile image for your blog.

A very important aspect of having a good reach of your blog is your profile image of the blog.

It needs to be of the best quality so that the entire community can identify the person and it even authenticates the account.

This is not a free tool and one needs to pay up for the same.

But the investment is worth it and it offers the best picture quality for your blog profile.

  • Facebook Debugger Tool:

This is the most important Facebook tool that is required for every commercial page on Facebook.

This article shows how the article and blog would be shared over the social media by showing the image along with the title and description of the same.

It can also be used to time up the sharing frequency and also obtain the live data of the total number of viewership per unit time.

This tool requires to be updated along with the Facebook app every time so as to ensure its proper functionality at all times.

The non-facebook tools

There are also various non-Facebook tools that can serve the same purpose.

The following is a list of those: –

  • WordPress:

This is the perfect Content Management System to begin the art of blogging and build up a suitable place for all of the content to go live.

It is one of the key tools used up by any professional blogger and business pages.

It has various advantages that aid in blogging over the same, like the ease of using, having a simple content editor interface, wide choice for the selection of templates and themes, built-in blogging feature and proper integration even with other blogging tools.

  • Google Keyword Planner:

It aids the bloggers in planning out the perfect keyword that would help in increasing the reach of their own content.

Since keyword is the most important aspect of any blog, hence this tools allows one to enter some words and get a list of the desired keywords that can be used by them freely.

  • BuzzSumo:

This is the tool that helps the bloggers to find out about the famous blog posts of their related field that have been shared to a large extent.

All one needs to do is go for a keyword search and find out the content that the competitors have been sharing.

This gives a boost and room of improvement for enhancing the quality of the blog and getting even more number of views than the former ones.

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