How To Add Your Blog on Apple News Publisher Fast?

How To Add Your Blog on Apple News Publisher Fast

Helping your blogs reach the Apple News Publisher is indeed an exciting prospect that you would not want to ignore at any cost.

It is no rocket science but we do need a guiding hand with even the simplest of tasks. Before getting to the process of understanding the publishing of blogs with Apple News publisher, it is wise to get some background talk going.

It is to be noted that with iOS 9 in the picture, Apple is all prepared to launch Apple news. Another aspect to note is that its similarity to Flipboard cannot be overlooked.

The facts said, apple news publisher is very much “the thing” for bloggers who are keen to use it as an aid to reach out to a wider audience.

As a blogger & publisher, it does run a wave through you. It is heartwarming to know that you can submit your blog extremely easily to be a part of the Apple news publisher app.

The process is extremely simple and handy.

Bloggers would love this piece of information, that is by submitting their blog to Apple news, they will effectively be reaching out to millions of iOS users out there (iPhone, iPad & iPod).

So, Apple News Publisher does create the bright horizon of enhanced opportunity for bloggers and publishers. It is by virtue of this discovery that you have a whole new platform to cater to your writing, blogging and publishing skills.

This article is intended to be a simple tutorial that will guide you through the process of submission of your blog to the Apple news app with ease.

Getting your fair share of information about the app lets you know the opportunities it provides you.

It will also help you know how successful the app is, and customization information will also be in your bags as you will be able to understand how your content will be displayed in the app.

Apple News Publisher: The opportunity you need!

Apple news publisher very much acts as the glittering new iOS platform that you would need to say it all out loud. It is your space where you can fill in your creative blogs and the readers out there will relish it to the core.

Apple news publisher is essentially your official tool for publishing your content with ease on Apple News. It is open to all users with an iCloud account.

Apple news publisher is a platform publisher can truly take advantage of. It blesses you with the customization options you would need on your table, all the way from text choice to graphics insertion and the option for titles and subtitles.

So, you can easily create a well structured blog and publish it using this enormous tool to have your word with the people and spread your word to the people out there.

After the submission of the first three articles, the submission channel is set up and the content you further plan on publishing can be easily published without undergoing severe checks and hassle.

It is a glorious platform that Apple blesses its users with, and the users can benefit from this strategy and hone their blogging and publishing skills.

How to publish blogs with Apple News Publisher?

Here are the steps that bloggers need to follow in order to publish their blogs with Apple News Publisher:

  1. You can head over to the Apple news publisher page directly.
  2. Then, login with your Apple ID. In case you do not have one, click on the Signup option at the bottom in order to create your Apple ID right away.
  3. After logging in, go on to accept the End User License Agreement for News.
  4. You are now required to setup the Publisher information. It is a simple step and will hardly require a few minutes.
  5. You should then create your new channel. Your channel is where you will add all the information and content related to your blog or your news website.
  6. You need to know that you can create different channels in case you have more than one blog.
  7. As a blogger, you can click on the “Specify territories” option to make your content available to specific countries only.
  8. You can click on the “Submit” option to submit your post.
  9. The formats in which you can submit the text varies. You can submit RSS feed or you can submit your content in the Apple news format.
  10. In case you wish to add a brand logo, this is your chance. You can click on next and can add your brand logo. This allows for higher brand visibility.
  11. You are then pretty much done on your part. The Apple news publisher team will then review your submission and you are notified through an e-mail after successful submission.
It is indeed a good platform that the Apple News Publisher presents you with if you are a blogger.

Bloggers are pretty excited about the prospect of reaching out to a larger audience with the help of this new grace in the form of Apple News Publisher.

The stats and details about the platform are meant to provide you in depth guidance about this amazing idea that Apple has come up with.

Your audience traffic is likely to increase as you have an all new stage to show your blogging talent, and you have all the iOS audience focused as well.

It is time that bloggers pay attention to this platform and understand how it is built to help them gain more audience on their blog.

It is a whole new venture that Apple has retorted to and is likely to get successful if the writing community understands its motive and begins associating itself with it.

Such innovative apps are needed now and then to act as relevant platforms for creative minds.

It is a fact to note that Apple interferes in the initial stage by approving the first three articles you give in; however it does bless you with the much needed freedom once the trust has been established.

How To Add Your Blog on Apple News Publisher Fast

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